Our History

A clear and solid reflection of a complex and careful industrial machine

Petroni Vini Srl was founded in 2001 as a renewed family winery that, since late 1865, has joined every harvest setting down in the pinnacle of wine production in Apulia.

Our geographical position offers a calcareus-clayish hilly zone, particularly suited for vineyards red grapes coltivation characterized by intense pigmentation, olfactory taste, alchool charge and softness.

These are characteristics of high quality wines, the same ones we sustain and produce with a deep eradicated tradition that exalts our way of thinking. Everyday we are guided by a strong need of exploration and experimentation, elements that help us value the products of our magical world.

Our main target is oriented towards red wines specialization, offering multiple choices to satisfy every clients’ taste.

Our knowledge, handed down from generation to generation, allow us to exalt every shade of our products. Our will to improve and work with passion has gifted us with new gratifications, affirming ourselves in all of Italy’s regions.

Despite being a fraction of our production, white musts and wines still occupy a special place in our hearts, receiving all of the care and the attention during the production in order to offer a high-end product.

In a decade of hard work, we satisfied every client need thanks to the help of our professional team.

We strongly believe in the relevance of client-producer relationship and wine properties exaltation. For this reason, we invest in creating new demands by our customers and their subsequent satisfaction.

Doing so, the product’s quality is not just a number but a clear and solid reflection of a complex and careful industrial machine.

The need to guarantee the client pleasure from different and new requests renewed the winery’s spirit: we created virtue from our necessities.

This growth promoted the developing of a new winery in Loconia (Apulia, Italy) near S.S. 93, situated in a convenient place, that shows itself as a modern winery full of new machinery and technology.

A renewal already started that is still in place in order to fulfill and satisfy every request.

Supported by advanced techniques and constant developing, we managed to commercialize our products in Italian and foreign markets, source of enthusiasm and lifeblood.

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