Our Strength

It doesn’t come from just one win, but the multiple challenges that led us to success.

It’s said that strength is the reflection of uncontainable will, the most powerful protection and the clear expression of determination.

Strength is not a one-victory wonder nor a single person. It’s something that grows through unstoppable challenges fought everyday because, only when you experience real trouble and learn how to face it, you make a step further.

We managed to catch every opportunity of innovation and confront here at Petroni Vini, making us stronger and aware of our team’s true skills.

For this reason we started to value teamwork and cooperation in order to achieve a group of people where the work of the single element counts double.

Our team is inspired by an unstoppable competition, oriented towards a common goal that puts aside individual ones.

It’s important that every person of our team feels part of our project, from the manual to the executive job. We want everyone to put all of themselves in every single step they take, learning how to face difficulties and proudly share gained success.

We have a strong belief that diversity in a team is what makes it powerful and rich. Working with different people everyday is extremely stimulant and can lead to surprisingly interesting situations.

Our Team

Mario Petroni


“Every morning, I think about a stronger winery that can make my workers and their families feel safe”

Angela Maria
Di Nunno

Administration, Accounting

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do”

Teresa Pastore

Administration, Reception

“Knowing to understand, revising to grow”

Maria Viola Petroni

Bottling Manager & Foreign Market

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”

Carlo Caracciolo


“It’s important that wines are able to transmit the story of their territory, their vineyard and their manufacturing process”







Operating Staff

“Meeting is the first step, staying is the second one but working togheter is real success”

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