Our Mission

Never tired to grow and join new challenges

Petroni Vini Srl was founded in 2001 with the purpose to exalt Apulia’s territory and to satisfy its clients’ requests while guaranteeing genuine and quality products.

Our work mainly focuses on transformation and marketing of red musts and wines which caring manufactoring made us the leader winery in Apulia.

The grapes, raw material of our product, are carefully followed during their maturation phase and then selected by our professional and devoted technical staff.

Fidelization is our main target that, in our case, is not just simple business, but it’s valorized by a strong relationship between the producter and the winery.

This allows us to access a great knowledge of the product and to follow our products throughout the production chain, from upstream to downstream, guaranteeing the production continuity.

We renew our targets every year to produce higher-quality products that can satisfy our client’s expectations, italians and internationals, using also the acquired experience of all these years activity.

The work of our collaborators is important, always alert and caring, masters of our system management and of the winery bureaucracy and administrative organization and with open arms towards vanguard and innovation.

Never tired to grow and join new beautiful challenges, we’re ready to present a new business unit, Donna Viola, born to enhance our production. It has been placed side by side with bulk wine, making the difference as a bottled wine which production is controlled step by step.

A desire of perfection, a clear challenge that represents the need to exceed our limits to estabilish new ones and define a new exciting growing plan.

Donna Viola is here to exalt the taste and the quality of made in Apulia wine, imposing itself not just as a complement to our meals, but as a new tasting experience with fresh and unique design.

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