Petroni Vini

…since 1865 attending every harvest with passion

The quality rooted in our history

Since 1865 we join every harvest with passion, this makes ourselves one of the most important centre of wine production in Apulia.

Petroni Vini Srl is an evolution of the traditional family winery that exalts Apulia’s territory and aims to satisfy needs and tastes of its client through genuine and quality products.

Our work mainly focuses on transformation and marketing of red must and wines, with a particular attention to white ones, despite them being a little fraction of our production.

Zero Miles

We exalt the naturalness of local raw material, reducing the environmental impact that the carriage of goods could involve.
This rule makes us rediscover our identity through the territory, taking care of the precious bond between the vinery and the producer, despite the industrial production.


The fermentation on the skin of the grapes is the most important step of our production.
We take serious care of this process phase in order to guarantee the most complete extraction oh phenols and anthocyanin compounds and to exalt the intense pigmentation and flavour of our territory’s wines.

Hygiene & Maintenance

It is our task to assure quality and security of our products. Hurry and attention are fundamental factors in order to maintain the product’s healthiness during the entire production chain, always controlled.

Reinventing & Training

These are the Trojan horses of professional and personal development, thus a must-have features of our winery. A team based on these fundamentals is essential to deal with the complex mechanism of wine industry.


Our bulk wines have always been the main market of oenological market in the Italian Tyrrhenian regions (Campania, Latium, Tuscany) and the islands (Sardinia and Sicily), but lately, the quality of our product has made its way in various foreign markets such as France, Swiss and Poland, a unit that we try to satisfy day by day.

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Address: SS93, Km. 35+141 Loconia, 76012 Canosa di Puglia BT, Italy

Phone: +39 0883 616161

Fax: +39 0883 616161


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